It’s Summa time!

Grabeh it’s so flaming HOT in here. I need a break. A nice trip to BORA or Puerto Galera would be fine. Wahaha. Feeling. But since I’m out of time and budget, I had to resort to this:


Overnight swimming @ Casanjo Garden Resort, Cainta Rizal


It was fun. Nice place though it’s for small group only. Clean and cozy plus the staffs were nice — thanks to YOU (staff) for saving VC. I specially like the room we rented…it’s neat, cool and it has its own TV set & bathroom…there’s also a balcony that goes straight to the attic where the rest of the group could chill out the whole night. It would have been a perfect place if there’s a nice overlooking view to see. Nwei, I still enjoyed it. SOLB na SOLB. To make this entry short, eto lang ang gusto kong sabihin:

swimming + delicious adobo + friends = good time!!


Enjoy your SUMMA…be it in BORA or Puerto or anywhere, just make sure you enjoy it…..P.S. Keep yourself away from HEAT STROKE.






Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. YUF. ansarap magswimming lizzie!!

    ei, SATURDAY TAYO pwede mag dampa…kase panggabi kami 2 ni it…si ruty …SUN MON OFF nya so SAT PM pwede sya sumama….

    Kami ni IT..OFF namin yung SAT PM

    Kaw..OFF mo din yun…tama ba? txt back

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