The craziest things I’ve done in College

Here’s another LITTLE DRAMA I wanna share to all of you. For the first time in (many) years, I will confess SOME secrets buried deep in my heart…those *things* I don’t want to talk and remember about then, will be, finally OUT and EXPOSED here. Now.

Let me start the story.

* I hated RUTHIE AMPER the first time I saw her. She was so annoying. So loud and hyper and I just didn’t like hanging around with TOMBOYish girls just like her.

* I shamingly courted a guy. Yah know, love letter stuffs and the like. It was kinda fun and it made my first year in college truly memorable. I even went all the way up to Galas QC to find his whereabouts. I sent him a rose too, on Valentine. Crazy crazy stuffs. Here’s the funny thing, the guy (CV) and his friends thought it was Ruthie sending him all those love notes. It was a relief on my part. I owe you a lot, Ruthie. I could die instantly of shame without you protecting my identity. SO now, once and for all, to you CV and all EE 1996-2001 PUP, I am the real MARGARITA.

* I really did like John O. so much and I was vocal about it. And I thought Andrew C. was really handsome.

* I believed that Jayson J. was my soulmate.

* I hated SIR before. Ang angas kase. But the tide has turned, I’m loving him now, more than ever, for reasons I don’t know. It was like, I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head, but then POP! Goes my heart. Hahaha.

* I dated a guy who was 3 years younger than me. He’s the younger brother of my very good friend. No naming names. Case closed.

* I had a slight crush on AD before, who is now my kumpare. Buti na lang at pwedeng ma-turn off.

* Falling in and out and in and out of love with RC — my-so-called-first *puppy* love. Contrary to what others say, first love does die especially if it wasn’t meant. It may take a while but it will pass and your agony will end. Trust me.

* The reason why I got a perfect UNO with my Physics 1 class was because I cheated big time. The next sem I took Physics 2, I almost failed it.

* I failed Accounting class. It’s not just acceptable for me. I would galdly accept it if I failed Calculus or Thermodynamics but a minor subject like Accounting, it’s not just right.

* I had a really big fight with one of my very close friends (EO). We see each other almost everyday but things are never the same between us. There were things I hoped I never said to her. They’re BAD for the soul. But I would like to think that all is well between us NOW although we rarely talk.

* I danced MACARENA in front of my classmates. It’s a class presentation and I had to do it. Yuck talaga. Everybody was screaming as I groove into that song. The thing is, I was giving it my best shot. I was TODO BIGAY that day. Eiwww.

* I didn’t like Syana before. She was very maarte and she looks very sosyal. Well, yah know, simple gurls like us don’t hang around with rich kids because we could get insecure. I’m glad that we hit it off after a while.

* I had a crush on MCL kahit na he was so ANGAS nung college. I was just joking around then but when he started to show some real nice attitude towards me, I couldn’t help it. But he’s taken now. God bless on your fatherhood.

* Hitting 2 birds with one stone. Pag last full show na pala walang guard na nagbabantay. So after watching the movie in Cinema 1, we head right off to Cinema 2 without tickets. Deadma lang. Pero nakaka-kaba. Heads down, walking slowly, praying and hoping that nobody could see us. I swear, I’m never gonna do it again.

* Playing BINGO at SM with Jean Maceda. Haha. Up ’til now, we’re still arguing kung sino ang nag pasimuno sa aming 2.

* Hiding from Ms.D so we could watch SN (joyce and albert movie). Real bad.

* Ruthie and I tried to watch Ligaya (Osang movie) but since it’s R18, the guard didn’t let us in. I was determined to lie about my age but I was never really good at it. We ended up watching Evita.

* Pumila kami nila Ruty sa Eat Bulaga para sumali sa isa nilang pa-contest. Call it desperate school girls.

* Singing out loud on class while listening to a walkman. I was totally unaware that I was singing my heart out.

* Staying at Luneta with Jean M., Emily E. etc., from dusk ’til dawn. Natulog yata kami dun eh.

* Attending swimming class with my friends (Syana, Elrin, mimi and ruthie) wearing the same swimsuit which was more like a ballerina dress – the one with the bloomers on it. We were so cute!

* Becoming JMB’s mysterious text mate. Haha.

* Becoming one of the official MASCOTS of PUP ECE Batch 1996-2001. The TELETUBBIES. It is by far the craziest thing I’ve done in college. Shameful yet memorable. I didn’t regret it. Never. It was fun amd we nailed it. We actually won first prize.

There are still a lot of crazy things I would like to include but these were the highlights. I would add some more if I have time.

Ayway, GTG now. SM here we come. Father just arrived early morning today and he can’t wait to set his foot on SM again. Kidding.

I’m starting GY on Monday and I’m not sure how to deal with it. I will miss AM peeps. esp. YOU — secrate!

I can’t wait for the complete season 2 of Prison Break. Argh! I only have episodes 1-10 of Season 2. I’m missing Scofiled terribly.

I was marathon-ing 12-in-1 KOrean films last night. Nakakatawa. Ang hilig nila sa ganitong expression:

Fighting! Fighting!

In Korean, it’s AJA! AJA!

It actually means FIGHT! FIGHT!

But Koreans prefer present continuous tense. Haha.


Please don’t ask me about some things in here, personally . There are things that are better left unsaid. Believe me, it’s for the good of everyone.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. haller rich kids? bwahaha… PUP student nga eh!!!
    uyyy sabi na eh… ogena, adrian dionisio? , mcl? mmmm, rodel????

    grabe buti ka pa remember mo mga college kalokohan mo… ako parang napilitang nagdissappear lahat..buseet ksi ex ko!!!

  2. wahaahhaaha! uy nakita ko na sa cable ung PRISON BREAK! kanina lang, hindi ko inaaasahan. channel 28, CSI channel un. every thursdays 10PM. badtrip, panggabi tayo!

  3. to syana aka sweetie: waahaha…e di ba crush mo din yun si JO…aminin!

    “..buseet ksi ex ko!!!” — wahaha! I agree!

    to aimz – nga sa ch 28 Crime Suspense – I have PB S2 Episode 1-19 lang…exciting! i love scofield!

  4. Malen! Daya mo! 1-19 and Prison Break Season 2 Mo!
    Addik ako ke Went Mill! hahaha

    Natatawa ako sa mga binuking mo….kilala ko lahat! Bwahhahahah1

    Sa mga readers:
    Handang ibenta si Malen…lahat ng impormasyong kailangan,p sa presyong abot kaya!


  5. Nasa CS channel talaga yang PB dati pa. At jan lang ata pinapalabas. Meron rin yan sa tangahali kase nanonood ako nyan lagi.

    Daming mong secrets sa buhay mo! i’m sure marami pa yan… Aminin! =)

    oh kelan ba DAMPA natin? fri/sat off ko. 6am-3pm. aw!

  6. JO yeah medyo me pagnanais ako, pati ke papa jo gonzales bwehehe bukingan na….

    naremember ko pa malenski you gave me a card with a bookmark together with touching write up pa with mimi as well… ruth binigyan mo ba ako? .. keep ko parin yun nasa kataas taasan ng closet ko sa haus sa pinas.

    na miss ko ang kwek kwek sa pureza !!!

  7. hahaha. Jonathan Gonzales

    aahh yeah, college stuffs..uso pa ang pacute cute nun…hehehe…wala pang text msg and email miss ko din ang cinnamon/kikiam/hotdog sa pureza

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