I laughed so hard, I almost died laughing at myself

The Following Pictures May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers/Readers. Excessive laughing is NOT recommended.

20-03-07_1317.jpg 20-03-07_1322.jpg 20-03-07_1316.jpg

Wahahahaha. Reminiscin’ the glory days of 80’s. I looked and felt so vintage. Really. It made me so nostalgic about a time when I was merely 5-6-7 years old. A time when MENUDO was the Backstreet Boys then, when ACID WASH was the coolest and hippest jeans, when gigantic shoulder pads were born and to compliment it, one must have gigantic teased hair, when CURLY/FRIZZY bangs were the IN thing…grabeh! The list could go on forever basta I’m loving the glamour of 80’s! Naalala ko ang pag-DA-DALAGITA ko. Wahhaha.

Bigla kong na-miss ang mga childhood friends…at mga kapitbahay sa Malanday (Valenzuela City) pati yung mga classmates ko sa AFES (Andres Fernando Elementary School Batch 1986-1992). If you, by any chance, remember me (ako nga to, MALEN/MALENTOD — yung anak ni Aling Pida and Mang Pol na may tindahan dati sa may 441 Bartolome st. Malanday V.C.) drop a comment or your email or any contact number so we could meet up one day. It’ll be nice to see some of you again.

Yeah, everyone who saw these pix can’t help themselves from laughing outrageously. And I have this feeling na ako ang pinaka nakakatawa sa aming 5. From posings to hairdo to outfit…so 80’s! Dontchathink?


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. whaaaaaaaaa!!!! Ikaw nga ang PINAKA-80’s LOOK dito sa group! as in! VERY ORIGINAL YUNG SUOT AT HAIR-DO MO!!! Nakakatawa!

    Cge kain tayo sa dampa! =)

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