Friendster Capital of the World

I’m so tired of using Friendster. It’s so BADUY na. Hehe. I heard in the news last week that Friendster has the largest following in the Philippines, making us the Friendster Capital of the world. How prestigious!! *sarcastic* Aside from being the Text Capital of the World and Most Corrupt Country in Asia and Lavapalooza Titlist, we are officially FRIENDSTER’s # supporter. Stalking rules!! Eiiiwww. Triple Yuck.

I am beginning to hate Friendster these days. Siguro impluwensiya ‘to ni Adeng. Sabi nya, Friendster is just a waste of time. Naman. True nga. It is a world of superficial acquaintances, a place where you could BOLA your crush and could get BOLA in return, where you could stalk your crushes and exes, a place of shallow love affairs and a haven for SHOW OFFS. It’s farkin’ lame. Even babies and kids who doesn’t even know how to read have Friendsters. *mao mao has it too* hehehe. How absurd di ba.

Tsaka, minsan ang Friendster ay parang SAD MOVIES…

Oh hoooohh…Friends—ter….always make me cry
Oh hoooohh…Friends—ter….always make me cry
Friends—ter….always make me cry

It just makes me sad sometimes. Nakakahinayang. Nakakainngit esp. pagnakikita mo yung ibang batchmates mo na PROMISING ang buhay…happily posing with their JOWAKERS. It’s like you know what already hurts you and yet you still do things to hurt yourself more, hoping it’ll make you feel better but in truth, it just makes your heart bleed and ache more. Whahaha. Ang drama.

In all fairness, Friendster has its good points too. It’s the easiest way to get in touch with your OLD NEIGHBORS, CLASSMATES and MISSING-IN-ACTION FRIENDS. Siguro, likas lang sa ‘ting mga Pinoy ang pagiging FRIENDLY at PAKIALAMERA/PAKIALAMERO kaya patok na patok ang Friendster dito. Dontcha agree?


Despite this I-hate-Friendster drama, I do check my friendster profile everyday. And I do check HIS/HER/THEIR profile/s too. Worst is, I almost do it twice-thrice a day. So that’s triple yuck for me too.

Well I guess, I love to HATE Friendster. I hate to LOVE Friendster. Whatever.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. really? i didn’t know that we carry that title! eheheh… anyway, i don’t find it baduy or a waste of time, not unless one really wastes his/her time waiting when would another person upload a new picture or maybe update his/her profile from “single” to “in a relationship” or worst, “married”! (aray ko!)

    teka, teka… smells something fishy ha! bakech, napaiyak ba you ng friendster lately? what’s the latest??????

  2. Siguro waste of time nga sya para sa mga taong nag che-check twice or 3x a day… Ay! ikaw ata yon! hehehehe! joke. Ako kase minsan lang mag check. i blog more and upload pictures rather than check my friendster account. Pero nag check ako etong weekend… pucha ang daming nag message sakin.. greeting me happy bday! Pucha tagal na nun… Hiya tuloy ako kase hindi ako nag reply back….

    Anyway… sa friendster mo lang makikita ang mga taong gusto mong makita… ni-ultimong nanay ko nga may friendster account eh! With matching updated pictures at testimonials… san ka pa?!

  3. uy lizzzzie!!! balita sayo? ambagal magload ng blog mo sa bahay namin kasi dial-up, hindi ko tuloy ma-check ung pictures tsaka hindi me makapag-comment dahil nagti-timeout. hehehe… kamusta na si lanna?! nakita ko ung picture nyo sa friendster ah! swimming! txt bak!

  4. ahh oo! nag swimming nga kami! Sayang hindi mo makita yung pictures. Mag upload pa nga ako ng pictures eh. haay! daming pictures!

    Okay naman si Lanna.. daming new tricks na alam hahaha!

    Mag pa-dsl ka na kase! hahahaha! =) Sulit naman eh. Aw!

  5. ako din nde na ako masyadong nagfre-friendster… nung minsan na bore na talaga ako dun kaya mas nagbla=blog din ako kaysa sa friendster, wala naman kasi akong magagawa dun…

    nde ko rin makita yung taong gusto kong makita…

    saka totally, para sa akin yung mga lalakeng nagpapacute sa picture tingin ko nde seryoso sa buhay… nagpapacute para makarami ng chicks… ok lang ang mga girls na magpacute kasi talagang dapat poise and cute tayo at acceptable yung pero lalakeng nagpapacute sa picture – ayyyy —- mabuti kung nasa certain place sila like nasa beach or sumthing pero bagong gising hay…. mabuti sana kung kagigising lang accidental na piniktyuran…

  6. Hannah – “nde ko rin makita yung taong gusto kong makita‚Ķ”


    correct…nature na ng babae ang pagiging cute. at sino naman yang lalakeng nagpapacute na yan? waahahha

  7. i hate friendster too! u know why! it ruined my life! sum1 who is an x gf of my present bf for 5 years is trying to destroy me! she copied my picture and made a new friendster account using my picture! adding some pictures of porn too… telling every1 that im for sale 100 pesos and hour! it made my life miserable.. and i just prayed and prayed.. that it would surpass! what else can i do? nothin! i dont own friendster! i cant just erase my picture there.. just nothin.. often times i find myself crying.. looking at that profile.. with my picture on it…… making me a prostitute… and then everybdy wud then think i am bcoz of it………just because of this… im soo depressed……

    1. hi,.. i dont rily know u actually.. but then u caught my attention.. i want to send my sympathy to u. just pray and leave all to God. then tel that to ur bf. he needs to do an action not u. try to comfort that girl and then tell to everybody that it was edited & that your not that king of girl. dont cry, stand up & take the fight. im at ur side sis. il pray 4 u.

  8. hi zen, that’s really bad. report it on friendster. your friends know the truth…you know you’re not that kind…

    she’s just jealous and desperate

    don’t worry coz what goes around, come around. wish you well!

  9. how to teach friendster a lesson
    i will teach you guys how to teach a lesson…

    why i do this?
    because friendster starts removing my pics, it posts only white spaces, and also removes my friends pics,…

    friendster uses pay per click advertising with Google, our aim is to tell advertisers not to advertise with friendster… so would probably result to friendster’s fall…

    step 1
    go to

    step 2
    click on the advertisement by Google, usually two links at the bottom right… this method might increase friendster’s income temporarily since in every click gives friendster cash…

    step 3
    close the sponsors page after it is open in less than 5seconds… this will send a message to the sponsor’s page a bad Bounce Rate, meaning a bad referrer, meaning friendster is a bad site to advertise… meaning a great loss of cash for advertisers…

    step 4
    repeat repeat repeat repeat…

    will this work?
    probably, i just thought of this when i first heard of google ads… and hey… it’s worth to try… yes i am confident about this idea!

    will this work on other site?
    yeah! i am not sending a bad method out there,… i am just telling you this so sites may offer quality service!

    PS share this to everyone, this is effective only if a lot of people around the globe, with different IP(internet address) will cooperate

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