Wen SUM1 (suddenly) writes back!

SUM1 = can be your ex-friend, ex-g f/b f, ex-officemate, ex-crush, ex-classmate, ex-bestfriend

It’s just overwhelming and flattering di va? Parang, wow, all these years, nakaalala ka bigla when in truth, I *almost* have forgotten about you. Haha. How conceited one could easily get. Imagine, YOURSELF(for all that you are and have done to them), occupying a tiny space in their hearts and thoughts, how cool is that?? I’m so freakin shocked and it took me days and hours to reply back! So to all of you, who remembered me after 48 years, you just made feel SIGNIFICANT and loved! I’m just glad to have met all of you along the way. It made me feel that my life here on earth is all worthwhile. Walang sayang. Thank you. Miss the old days. Really. Miss hanging out with you too. Yuf, we’ll see each other soon.

God lives and reigns supreme!


JDV is back from HK. Sorry krung krungs, wala daw tayong pasalubong.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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