I was hoping you’d show up

You didn’t even bother to text back. Hmpf! I’m starting to get really really irritated. Super EFFORT pa ako writing that 3-page-INVITATION and all I got from you is N O T H I N G. A simple YES or NO or I’M QUITE BUSY 2nyt or CU LATER would have been nice. Alam ko may load ka. Buti na lang I got this text from VC :

We choose how we see people. When we want to like someone, we can be so tolerant. When we want to be irritated by people, we focus on their faults. It’s not other people’s behavior that determine how we feel about them — it’s our attitude..

Since, I really really like to LIKE you, I will try to be as tolerant as I could. It felt bad, I guess I’m just dying to see you again, Sir. I was wishing the whole night that you’d somehow show up to surfrize me but you never came. Ouch! It hurts so baaaaaaad, I couldn’t even breathe. Wahaha. OA na.

I still believe that there is always the chance that fate will smile upon US. Someday. Oh God, I really hope and pray and wish for that to come. Please.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. ay malen ganito ako dati nung like na like ko yung guy… ngayon kahit may bf may kras pa rin pero nde na tulad ng dati… i tend to shut up na lang pero I’ll give you a clue.. yung kras number 1 TC pero nde naman sya kagwapuhan… kras number2, bagong trainer at dating panggabi, kras number 3.. taga KM mukha syang mabaet hehehehe… yun lang… 🙂 hula hula pero nde ako nagpapansin sa mga magagalit ang boypren ko

  2. hehehe… sayang, hindi me nakapunta…
    alam mo, korek na korek ang quotation na yan…
    sinabi din yan ni TYRA BANKS.

    si sir talaga oh! pakipot! badtrip!

  3. test lang..
    ako yta nagforward sau ng txt…:-)
    sarap magka kras noh..khit married n ko..dami p rin akong kras at madami rin my kras s kin…feel ko un!!

  4. hahah…hi turing…kaya nga VC eh – Victuring Corpuz – YOU!!


    “dami p rin akong kras at madami rin my kras s kin…” — i feel the same way. waaaaahhhh

    tnx for droppin’

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