Ultimate Pimple Fight

yuck3.JPG yuck.JPG FEBRUARY 18

feb19.JPG feb19_3.jpg FEBRUARY 19

feb21.jpg feb21_2.JPG FEBRUARY 21

feb22.jpg feb22_2.JPG FEBRUARY 22

mar3.jpg mar3_2.jpg MARCH 3

mar5_2.jpg mar5_3.jpg MARCH 5

It’s improving! I’m so frekin’ glad that my breakouts are much less severe and don’t last long this time. Even Inday noticed it. She said to me this morning (while touching my face)…”Ay ate…wala ng yung mga bilog- bilog mo”… whahhaha

Thank you for your guidance and suggestions although I did not follow most of them, esp. the expensive ones (proactiv is 4K here). Hehehe.

What’s my secret? Oh well, you wont believe it. It’s incredibly effective and cheap. So to you, who’s suffering the same dilemma…don’t just stick trying ONE step or proce ss. It’s a collaboration of the many things you can do to avoid breakouts/acne/pimple/tigidig..whateva!

Dermstrata acne treatment+ Water therapy + less oil intake + facial wash (clearasil for me) + toner + moisturizer = calmer and cleaner face!

I hope it’ll stay like this for years. No more pimples for me, please.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. yehey!!! tagumpay!!!

    andame naman e, nakakatamad gawin! ihilamos na lang ang regla, sabi nga ng mga matatanda… YUUUUUUCK!!! jk


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