UFDATE:Fixtures from our Tagatay Escafades

28-02-07_0932.jpg Whahaha. Deadly, isn’t it? (Pamatay noh?). Nag feeling turista and Tita nyo. We were buying sevenirs here, yah know, those stuffs that you usually see in Divisoria or Quiapo too. Pero infairness, may mga authentic din na Tagaytay sevenirs like keychains. Whahaha.

28-02-07_0854.jpg Mabuhey! Again, feeling turista aketch sa pose ko dito. I feel like a balikbayan, visiting Tagyatay for the first time. Ohah..I-feel ang air ng Tagaytay! P.S. May peace prevail on earth!

7.JPG I-feel ang hanging bridge ng Caleruega.

5.JPG Caleruega Church in Nasugbu Batangas. It’s a great wedding venue. Nice view and beautiful landscaping. Great place for mag-jowakers and the likes. *Sir, magpunta tayo dito!*

4.JPG Don’t forget to visit Caleruega when you go to Tagaytay. Dami pwede gawin d2. Piknikan. Taguan. Habulan. Pwede din gayahin yung mga romantic scenes sa mga tagalog penikulas…yung mga nag-papagulong gulong sa damuhan. Kaso hindi damuhan…taniman ng finya (fineaffle) daw ang pag gu-gulungan. Awww!

2.JPG If you are looking for a getaway place that is not heavy on the pocket, try the Tagaytay Picnic Grove (as if you don’t know). Sfectacular view of Taal. Fresh air.

6.JPG I-experience ang Pine Tree. *Sir, sige na..dalhin mo ko dito!*

Yuf. Finally, I saw Mt. Taal Bolcano. She’s inactive that day. Just like what I promised myselp the last time I write you, I was vought 4 voco fies and 4 fineaffles. Take note, I vought the originals. 4 originals voco fie from Collettes’. My load is very heavy to carry so I did not vought vananas anymore. My Gosh. Due to short time, I wasn’t vought the famous kafeng varako and strawverries. How come they don’t flant strawverries in Tagaytay? It’s so sad. I also not vought UVE JAMS sold at Fink Sister house. I miss them. Sayang…but I will ve vack there again once more. And vy the way, we all eat the mushroomvurger. It tastes like vurger but it’s not because it’s a mushroom. Shapes like vurger and colors like vurger vut it is really a joke vecause it’s not vecause it is a minced MUSHROOM!! How amazing! We also ate 2 pots of vulalo. It is my 1st time Vulalo and I don’t like it so much. It is sad vecause I was waiting to eat it but I was disappointed with the taste. It is like NILAGANG MEDYAS. I guess vecause I ficture la paz vatchoy in my mind. You know, vatchoy and vulalo, they sound the same to me vut they are not in real life. I wish we ate the Leslie’s or Josephine’s. They say it’s a beautiful resto because it is near overlooking. Anyways, I still enjoy our lunch although it is like a carenderia to me. 2 levels higher than carenderia, ok. I will not say the name vecause I don’t want vrand vashing. At least we don’t ate the Jollibee there. On the way home, we exfereince trapic jam along the road to Manila. It was heaby and I was so tired already my vutt is aching soo. Vack home, I sleft late vecause I want to. =)


All in all, our trip to Tagaytay was all worth it. Low budget but sulit na sulit. Nice ambience. Fresh air. Cool breeze. Bring along your friends and loved ones for a day of memories and laughters and tsismax. Mag time out muna kayo sa mga traffik at stress ng Maynila. Tagaytay is the place to be.

I’m still rooting for Baguio. Hay. Sir, Baguio is in NL, bring me along. Please!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. ayos! parang artista yung mga posing mo ah! pede! hehehehe Sa susunod sa Josephine’s ka pumunta… sulit dun! sosyal, masarap ang food, good service, and EXCELLENT VIEW! PROMISE! Lagi kami dun eh. Kelan ba next time? Baka pede akong sumama…. =)

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