Tagaytay Escafade

Yuf. I’ll ve in Tagaytay tomorrow por a one day trif op a lipetime. It will ve, oppicialy, my secand trif to that probince and I’m so exciting. I can’t wait to see Taal Bolcano in person instead of seeing HIM only in textbooks way vack in my elementary days at Malanday Elementary School which is now Andres Fernando Elementary School.

I’m so exciting to dead. I will vuy pinyapple and vananas along the road or vetter known as the hi-way. I will also vuy many pasaluvongs or take-home por my many pamily members. They will be haffy I’m sure. Momma wants me to vuy the kafeng varako and 4 voxes of original vuko fie. Yes, I will look for the original vecause there are also firated vuko fie roaming there just so you know. And i don’t want to waste my hard-earned cash for just a firated vuko fie. Let’s helf our gobernment. No to firacy. di va?

I hofe I can vuy strawverries in Tagaytay also. I really fray they flant strwverries there. My kid sister maomao is vugging me for a real and true to life walking strawverry. I know why vecause she is influenced by cavle. She’s always watching strawverry shotcakes in cavle tv…you know that adorable fink cartoon character.

Again, I’m so exciting to go to Tagaytay! I heard they have had snowflakes there last month. The vest fart op all, I will ficture myself many many times. I lurv it when my hair is flying while I ficture. I peel georgious. I wil ficture the Taal Bolcano…and I just hofe and fray that HE will be inactive tomorrow.

I hofe to have a good time with my opismates or co-workers too. This is actually our TEAM VONDING…and I will definitely make this moment a memoravle day….

See yah all!!!

~ my craziness strikes again


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. naku.. mukhang delikado itong entry na ito kapag binasa ah… nakakahawa ang p/f atchaka b/v!

    anyway, enjoy enjoy enjoy!
    sarap naman mamasyal! weeeeee!

  2. naku! mag de-day off na si yaya! hahaha joke!

    Ingat sa byahe! post ka maraming pictures ah! Pero gusto kong pictures yung walang pimples hahahah joke! =)

  3. haNnah: punta na lng tayo ulet

    aiMz: hehhe. funta tayo dun sa caleruega

    ruty: valik tayo dun ruty. eto na ang mga fictures…

    lizzz: kala mo kalamo!

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