My Valentine Moment

I spent my Valentine doing marathon, DVD marathon that is. Then, we had a family dinner over my aunt’s in Sapphire st.

And the worst part of all,

Nag-senti moment din ang lola niyo.

Yep. Heto ang picture ng pinag-sentihan ko:


1. I was so shocked to see how I have evolved from THAT size to THIS size. Horrible.

2. Missing Baguio Tour. I’ve been bugging my friends about this for quite a while but no one seems to be interested. Sige na please, may SNOW daw sa Baguio!! Punta na tayo!

3. College Life. Ministry and stuffs.

4. MIssing college friends – MIMI, mag paramdam ka. And, remembering the fallen HAWK. I terribly miss the EASY and laid back days of my college life.

5. I should have taken more pictures.

And, if you’ll look closely into it, You’ll see US together there.

FYI: If you’ve been in my aunt’s house before, you probably have seen this MEMORABILIA in my closet. It’s been there since college. Forgive me if it’s blurred. It’s too big to have it scanned. I had to use my camera to capture that piece of my life story. Since I moved already, I have taken all out. Yes, that’s sad. Masterpiece kaya yun.

Maybe, I’ll just look for another spot where I can place them again.

That’s how I spent my Valentine. Dividing my time between potato couching, having good times with family and lots of drama.

So, how did you spend yours?


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Yeah, I miss din our college life. How much fun we had noh?
    You got to let me borrow the old pics. We can have it scanned, di ba?
    Pa scan na lang natin ke Aimz…hehehe..THANKS Aimz in advance! 🙂

    Miss yah Len!

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