Is it coincidence,

Fate or God’s divine intervention? It could be all together. I just realized it recently—a mind-blowing coincidence happened at the perfect time and I’m just so overwhelmed. It seems totally corny and unbelievable..and very unlikely but it’s happenning to me. Or is it just God’s way of reminding me that He’s still in constant control of everything. Whatever it is, I’m glad to experience this coincidence-Divine-intervention-sort-of-fate thing.

I have no more to write today. My heads been filled with thoughts of you, it doesn’t seem to function well. There’s just no enough space for other things.

Anyways, you really surprised me last night SiR. Really.’.happee!! Yeah, I had a goodnight sleep, I almost thought I slept smiling.  

Advance Happy Heart’s Day!! All the love in this world for you and me and everybody!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! tell me! tell me! i’m so excited! i want to hear it IN FULL DETAIL! exact words! exact tone! aaaaaaawww!

    let me guess…
    he asked you out on the 14th?! RIGHT?!
    AAWWWW!!! i’m so kilig right now, i could bang my head on my computer screen!

    ano na daliiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

  2. nope. he didn’t ask. I asked. hehe. and he declined, unfortunately. hehe

    i’m so kilig right now, i could bang my head on my computer screen! – oh my God don’t do this. Baka madagdagan yung bukol mo sa ulo.

    excitement ka masyado.

  3. i’m so out of touch talga, i don;t have any foggiest ide who this SIR is?!
    I’m so friggin’ cross now, Malen…

    ndi ko ‘lam kung kikiligin ako, dko naman kilala…

    hahaha…pero sana nga mag-date na kau…i think it’s ’bout time gurl!

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