Stalk, Research and Investigate

Wow. Grabeh the power of google and friendster and yahoo and multiply and myspace. These are powerful tools for stalking, searching and investigating. All you need is patience, keen eye for details + a lot of common sense, and you’ll definitely become a BIG TIME stalker on the net – all knowing and mighty.

Dito sa Pinas, the best stalking machine is Friendster. It’s like a tsismis portal. It’s what keeps you connected from your old classmates, crushes, ex-crushes, ex-bf/gf, ex’s ex-gfs/bfs. You get photos, interests, and an idea of what his/her friends are like, if he/she is dating or if they just broke off. You may not think this information is valuable, but it’s GOLD if you’re rooting for that person.

Another stalker wave is googling people’s name. In the history of Googling people, it’s hard to come across one juicy fact. Google will give you tons of search results and most of the time, you’ll get tame results about some exams they pass, when they pass it, websites they visit often and some school they went to.

But sometimes, these results are more interesting than that of Friendster’s. Mas totoo. Sa friendster, puro show off. Just recently, I googled YOU, (Yes, you SiR) and I couldn’t help myself from admiring you more than I have ever admired someone in my whole life. I am just amazed on how things have turned for you. I’ve known you from before but I I didn’t know that this side of you ever existed.

And then I yahooed you. I’m just ecstatic to see you again (virtually, ok). I must say that you’re kinda cute pala, I just realized it lately when I accidentally found some of your pix. Ok, truth is, I (intendedly) looked into some old archives, searched the worldwide web and came across you!

I’ve known you for quite a while but due to a very little time we’ve talked and spent together, my only way of finding your whereabouts is thru Friendster and Google. They’re like the windows to your soul. Nyahaha.

So much for stalking, and oh well, did I say…I’m not chasing you or anyone? I am NOT.

I am chasing the dream…….which is apparently, YOU. Har. har. har. So parang ganun din di ba?


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