Missing College life

I miss college a lot. I don’t miss writing papers or studying for tests, but going to lagoon with friends, napping right after class at Mimi’s place, going to SM centerpoint, watching EAT BULAGA during free time, celebrating birthdays with pandesal + LUCKY ME pancit canton, going to Baguio, wishing and hoping that the next prof is not coming, cramming, getting not too serious with everything, I miss it all. I mean, working and being paid is cool because not everyone is lucky to get to work full time, but it would be great to have a lot less adult responsibilities, right? Less worry. See now, I have to be at work every day including almost all holidays. Really, I miss sembreaks.

Tsismis. Issues. Open forum. Isnaban. These and much more!

It’s the CRAZIEST moment of my life. It was a carefree time, when I didn’t have to wake up until it’s 2 hours before my first class of the day. A time when my only worry was finding time to have lunch with my friends and finding things to do to spend the rest of the day.

Unlike now, I’d have to worry about loans, bills, allowances, savings, future and a lot more. I even have to WORRY about YOU…

The memories are all coming back and I guess, I’m having a little regret because I DIDN’T REALLY MAKE THE MOST OUT OF MY COLLEGE LIFE. I could have been more daring. I could have studied HARDER. I could have been NICER. I could have taken more chances. I should have taken MORE PICTURES.

But it’s no time for crying over spilled milk. If I could have it another way, surely, I will give it my best shot. My very best shot. Who knows, things might be a lot better…but I guess, we’ll never really know that.


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