English-Tagalog Dictionary by Jim Paredes

I just received via email. Nakakapawi ng konti sa LONG QUOTE.

Pag iniwang bukas ang supot ng chicharon – coconut yon…

kadalasang nararamdaman pag na mimiss mo si love.

binabyaran mo sa meralco para di maputol. Korean tea

suntok na di naman tumama, the place lng

yan ang huni ng ibon ” to wait . to wait . to wait ”

nakakalamang ka sa kalaban
THE EGG mo siya

Yan ang susunod sa labinlima – LOVING A NAME

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God, why?

I begged for mercy, it didn’t come. I hoped for a miracle…it never happened. I prayed for healing, death came after. Why, God?

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Quick Post

Helloes! Just a quick quick post to tell you guys that I am still alive and kicking! I’ll be back to regular blogging when I’m not too busy learning (oh yes! i’m learning just whatever i find interesting like cooking — pachamdiaries.blogspot.com and many other things)

Check out soon for more updates!

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Random Thougts


This is the long and winding road to my beautiful barriosiete! As mentioned earlier, I am taking a very long break from working…I went to SG for 3 mos, stayed in Manila for 2 weeks…and now spending the rest of my break here in my barrio trying to set new goals and plan my life. You know I could stay here for a long time! I wish to do great things here when I settle for good…hindi muna ngayon… Sana 2-3 yrs from now… we’ll have a more stable internet connection and electricity here

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Where I am and where I’ll be


This is exactly the view just outside my window. Sooo refreshing. I am blogging live straight from my Barriosiete!!! Thank you POWERSURF15!!! Horrayyy to being jobless! I am on my 4th month of unemployed….i am soo broke but surprisingly..i am still very happy. I feel relaxed more than ever. Naka recharge ako ng bongga! I feel very empowered haha. I quit working last March because I had to. I will not elaborate the details pero nothing serious.. I love my previous job and the people that i work with…but there are times you need to do what you gotta do dahil walang reason hahahhaha I look forward to a more exciting adventure in the coming days. See you again…corporate world!

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My Life So Far

My life so far is just…so-so.

Wow I’m almost halfway through my life and still, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished great things over the past years. I do not consider myself a failure, not a succes either. I haven’t done many bad things, I haven’t done a lot of good things either. My life so far is just so-so. My state of mind is stucked at age 27, but when I check myself in the mirror…my youthful glow is slowly vanishing hahaha, why I look very matured?? LOLs. I failed to realize that I am getting old! In fact, I get surprised every time I tell myself that I am 34 already ! WAITTTT WHAAAT!!!?? I am 34??? How?? So that explains why whenever I stand up after a few minutes of sitting, I could feel my knees trembling and aching. I hope it’s not early signs of rheumatism. What have I been doing all these years? All these time I thought I am living to have a good life, instead, I am living because I am not dead yet. You get it, no? My life isn’t all that bad, ok. It’s just that, right now, when I look back at my life, I wish I had done this and that sooner. Not regretting those past choices I made, ok maybe, I am regretting a little, but hey, I still have plenty of time, right? 34 compared to 80 is still very young.

I used to say “I want to do many things” often and I believe, I was able to do that. I travelled, fell in and out of love (naksss), learned how to cook, rebonded and colored my hair, bought a nice phone, ate whatever I want etc. In other words, I lived a convenient self-centered life all these time! But from this day onwards, I want to try doing many WORTHWHILE things for the mankind!  CHAROT! HAHHAHA.

Seriously, I don’t want to end up selfish, miserable, useless and unhealthy so I am committing myself to doing a few extraordinary things like joining a cause, donating blood, 10 sit-ups/day, green tea everyday, eating less rice/sugar/salt, show random act of kindness, practice my singing and dancing, continue learning etc. I know it’s not going to be easy that’s why I am hesitating hahaha but I’m up for the challenge!

My life is bound to change soon. How’s your life so far?

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Only watching when the last 2mins starts. I’m like that! Miami Heat won so finally I can move on. HAHAHA

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Blogging After 3 Months of Hiatus

I am sooooo backkk! Yes!!! BOLDER AND BRAVER!!! MALENSKY VERSION 2 POINT O! Oh ha Laida Magtalas ang peg.

Seriously, so many things happened these past 3 months. So many learnings and happy memories that I will treasure forever! Grateful to have cousins and friends who are more than willing to help and share their blessings.

Iisa-isahin natin yang mga experience na yan in the next few days! For now, I’m catching up on everything’s I’ve missed here in Pinas! Laters! Mwah!

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Simple Things That Make Me Smile

Yesterday I received a nice little gift from my officemate’s son N – a wallet size picture complete with dedication! He’s only 4, btw. Sooo cute hahaha. N is such a fine little boy, very talented and smart too. He knows how to play the drums already. Tita is sorry for pretending to be Anne Curtis to you (I told him I was Anne whenever we talk on the phone and he was really convinced about it). Pls. know that it is your mom who encouraged me to do that hahaha. Thank you Mommey K, I will treasure the picture Thank you also for being a friend to me all these years.

To N, I hope you grow up as a nice young man one day. When Tita Malensky become rich (as in super rich that I walk on money) I shall give you the best yamaha drums set in the world! But for now, a bigger firetruck will do, right? Be safe, you guys!

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Irrepressible Goodness

Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for which to be thankful. Though life’s goodness can at times be overshadowed, it is never outweighed.

For every single act that is senselessly destructive, there are thousands more small, quiet acts of love, kindness and compassion. For every person who seeks to hurt, there are many, many more who devote their lives to helping and to healing.

When something needs to be done, even if it is difficult and demanding, there is always someone who steps forward to do it. When problems arise, there are always those who are eager to deal with them.

Though the goodness of life does at times suffer setbacks, it always endures. And when it is challenged, the goodness of life comes back stronger than ever.

For in the darkest moments it becomes vividly clear that life is a priceless treasure. And so the goodness of life is made even stronger by the very things that oppose it.

Open your heart and look around you. You will see that goodness shining in every direction.

— Ralph Marston

NOTES: Exactly what I needed today – “Open your heart and look around you. You will see that goodness shining in every direction”

Something not so nice happened this morning and I don’t want to focus all my energy about it today. No to negative stuff pls. I want to just enjoy and focus in the goodness of life!

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